What are the Benefits?

What would you like to do?

The benefits vary according to the reasons you want to work with this particular modality. It offers spiritual, psychological and therapeutic benefits, including ones you may be in need of. These are interrelated as we are complex multi-faceted beings; we are both existential and essential, sublime and mundane, personal and transpersonal. Body, instincts, emotions, mind, soul, spirit are all facets of the being we are. So any benefits depend wholly where you are at the time rather than them being prescriptive or standard. Certainly, unmet childhood needs and unresolved traumas are addressed. Working psychologically and spiritually helps you develop naturally and find your way through life.


Steering a course in life with purpose and intent is an outcome of Integral Core Therapy. John Pierrakos, the founder of Core Energetics, maintained that without having a purpose in your life leaves you incomplete and ultimately dissatisfied. Meaning and purpose are not luxuries; rather they are essential for our well-being and have a robust resolve to face the trials and tribulations of daily life.

Most importantly it takes you to your Core Self. You learn to recognise the part of you that is not touched nor tainted by the conditioning, events and traumas of your childhood. This inner-most heart of your being contains all the essential, vital and spiritual resources you need in order to ‘do your life’ and give meaning and satisfaction to your existence.


Psychological therapy aspect of ICT can help you deal with personal issues, mental distress and emotional suffering related to experiencing childhood trauma, growing up in a dysfunctional family or distressing environment.

This kind of past may lead to present-day dysfunctional relationships, sexual issues, psychosomatic symptoms,anxiety attacks, phobias, depression, melancholy, alienation, low self-esteem, lack of self-worth, heart-break, sense of loss, loneliness, neediness, emptiness or pointlessness, defensiveness, post-traumatic stress syndrome, narcissistic wounds etc.

ICT also deals with adult-onset situations, stressful conditions and chronic issues such as bereavement, work-related stress, relationship struggles, marital breakdown, financial difficulties, addictions (of any description), sexuality issues, family difficulties etc.

The personal-spiritual facilitation aspect of ICT works to support, coach, facilitate, and provide practical methods/practices to help able to deal with life issues and challenges. It also helps you address any problems arising from a lack of a positive sense of your self or a functioning connection to your spiritual reality and core resources. Essentially, it facilitates your self-healing including finding meaning, purpose and fulfilment in yourself.