Why would you do it?

What would you like to do?

The main reason to choose Integral Core Therapy is that we will be using various integral approaches to suit who you are, as you are. We will work with your body, emotions, mind and heart to address the childhood conditioning and wounds that are responsible for your emotional distress, psychosomatic symptoms, heart pain, and negative belief patterns. None of you will be left out.

This way you will access inner resources that you didn’t know you had. Your newly-found core qualities will enable you to deal with life’s challenges and difficulties and to make the most of the opportunities you do have. By discovering your inherent spiritual nature you release the riches you possess such as innate joy, peace, clarity, strength and love.

As a rule we treat life as an end in itself but rarely as a means to an end. That end is simply to evolve and to realise who and what we are. Even though that process is a life-long one, there are certain times in our lives we come to critical, even crisis points. We may come to a threshold of deep and real change but our personality is unable to deal with the degree or intensity of the shift. Other times we feel lost and unable to sense our way through life, unable to discern what is needed in us to be in tune with our true self. Why_Sun_255pxAt other times we may suffer acute and profound psychological and/or spiritual pain yet don’t know how to go about changing that.

Integral Core Therapy has been developed and formulated with all the above in mind. If you feel you are in any of those places, having a therapeutic ally and spiritual facilitator can be of great value as everyone benefits from support, care and understanding.


Integral Core Therapy suits anyone. If you are seeking personal and spiritual transformation and ways to heal your wounds, ICT has been created for that purpose. It is therefore for anyone on a journey of self-actualisation and self-realisation. It is also really useful if who want to develop, heal and flourish ‘community’ in your life and social sphere.