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First I explored hands-on healing, psychic development and spiritual realisation plus a number of human potential modalities. This was followed by a period of professional training in different aspects of Oriental Medicine and Qigong. The next phase of training was in humanistic, transpersonal and somatic therapeutic and developmental modalities.

Over the years I have steadily researched various subjects and practices related to each other. These have been combined to create Core Realisation and its three distinct levels: Somatic Energetics, Psyche Dynamics and Integral Realisation. What has contributed to this development and their applications are the following trainings.

I participated in an ongoing Bioenergetics Professional Development Group with the Bioenergetic Partnership for nine years from 1990. I graduated from the four-year training in Core Energetics, led by John Pierrakos and Siegmar Gerken, in 1999. I then trained in Energetic Integration and Deep Bodywork with Silke Ziehl from 2001 and in Healing Theatre with Claire Shrader for two years in 2008. Since 2004 I have been studying the transpersonal modality, Diamond Logos Teachings, with Faisal Muqqadam and Hugh Evans. In 2012 I participated in a year-long Alchemy of Transformation humanistic relational group-therapy course with Malcolm Stern.

I originally trained in Medical Qigong and Dao Hua Qi Gong for over fifteen years starting in 1990. I have been a practitioner and teacher of Traditional Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture for over 25 years. My primary certification however, is that people who work with me come back time and again.

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