What would you like to do?

I have lived in different countries which helps to give me a better understanding of the human condition, as I am not the result of a singular cultural tradition. It also provided me, from far as I can remember, with an interest in human nature and the mystery of life. Hence I have been working on myself for over 35 years. My forays into medicine, philosophy, psychology, spirituality and nature constitute the various strands to my professional bow.

My aim has been to try to determine who we truly are, beyond our personality and character. A distillation of the spiritual work combined with the psychological training over the years, has brought me to where I am now.

None of us are the finished article, we are in an ongoing process of becoming, on a voyage of self-discovery and self-realisation. Self-doubt only comes when we try to ‘crack’ it; instead when we come from our core-centre, we live our life trusting the guidance by our Being.

Personal therapy nor spiritual facilitation require the practitioner to be fully realised. For, the process of awakening is on-going and it is the riches one uncovers within during ones process of unfoldment, that provide the necessary faculties to assist others on their own life quest.

My intention is also to establish a capacity in people and communities to work with each other, grow, mature and flourish. Over the years people have been deeply touched and transformed undergoing the workshops, courses and individual sessions I offer.