Who is Amadis Cammell?

What would you like to do?

I am an integral body-centered, relational and spiritual therapist.

As an Integral Core Therapist and facilitator I work from the core of my being. It is this part of me that primarily steers and facilitates the therapeutic session. Whilst being well experienced and having gathered a range of techniques over the years, these are only tools which I use to help you access the place in you that possesses the wisdom, strength and love that can truly heal and guide you. As my therapeutic approach stems from my core self, what drives and informs me is the same integral place we will be working together for you to find and ground yourself in. In that sense where I come from and the therapeutic work I do, reflect each other. Amadis_255px

You can describe me as a humanistic psychology therapist, a holistic counsellor, a body-centered psychotherapy practitioner, a transpersonal psychology facilitator, a spiritual therapist, or just a plain-old psychotherapist. These labels may describe the ways I work but do not define me as a practitioner. My ethos is that I am not an ‘expert’ who is claiming to ‘fix’ you. What counts is where I can help you to get to in your healing journey. Ultimately that is your Core Self who is your true comforter, guide, mentor and healer.

My core beliefs that motivate me to be an Integral Core Therapist 

A fundamental desire to alleviate suffering and help you find your way in life
Foster greater awareness into your personal, relational and spiritual pain
Facilitate greater personal and spiritual self-realisation and well-being
Support and inspire you to resolve your psychological and spiritual issues
Help you know, care for, nurture, value and heal your wounded inner child
Release your early-life wounds and mitigate their detrimental consequences
Support the cultivation of your sense of your fundamental value and worth
Facililtate you to develop your S.A.F.A. – ‘Sufficient Adult Functional Autonomy’
Help increase your capacity for empathy and regard for others
Assist you to create nurturing communities for yourself
Support you to have a positive active impact on the cultural and social sphere

Trainings and courses that contribute to my professional development

The apprenticeships, courses and trainings and CPD that contribute to my development as an integral therapist have been:

Chan Teachings (1977-1997)
The Quortonio Pattern with Derek Minor (1981-1987)
Oriental Medicine (1982-1991) at ICOM, LAOM, and Orientation Seminars
Dao Hua Qigong (Internal Alchemy) with Zhi Xing Wang (1990-2006)
Medical Qigong with Prof. LiuLiu Bang; and Dr. HongXin Shen (1991- 1999)
* Bioenergetic Analysis with John A.Miller & Di Goodman (1991-1999)
Cellular Healing with Shaun De Warren (1993-1999)
* Core Energetics with John Pierrakos, Seigmar Gerken, Walid Daw (1995-2005)
* Analytical Body Psychotherapy with Guy Gladstone (2000- 2011)
* Deep Bodywork with Silke Ziehl (2001-2005)
Diamond Logos Teachings with Faisal Muqaddam and Hugh Evans (2004-2012)
* Practitioners Training in Creative Expression with Claire Schrader (2007-2008)
* Alchemy of Transformation with Malcolm Stern (2012)
* Embodied Relational Therapy with Nick Totton, Allison Priestman, Stephen Tame (2014-2016)

Whilst all the above have a psychological component the ones with an asterisk were experiential psychotherapeutic trainings. All were training courses or apprenticeships in interrelated humanistic fields and approaches and be described as Human Potential Development modalities. These include:

Somatic/Body-Centered Psychology: Bioenergetic Analysis, Core Energetics, Analytical Body Psychotherapy, Deep Bodywork, Embodied Relational Therapy.

Transpersonal Psychology/ Spiritual Therapeutics: Chan Teachings,The Quortonio Pattern, Cellular Healing, Diamond Logos Teachings.

Drama Therapy: Creative Expression, The Alchemy of Transformation

I am an active core member of the Institute for the Development of Human Potential.