Practical principles of ICT

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It is a creative synthesis of several constituent modalities and paradigms so you have access to a genuine synergy. This enables you to embrace and galvanise the full spectrum of your personality. The application of humanistic principles on the one hand and spiritual ones on the other, enables you to experience and integrate all aspects of your self. These include your body, person and spirit.


It is grounded in the precepts of developmental psychology, therapeutic processes, relational dynamics and body-centered energetics. This holistic inclusion of all the different psychotherapeutic approaches gives you ‘access to all areas’. You can use them to address any and every possible configuration of human experience and struggle.


We will focus and work on equally on your body, personality and spirit. This will potentiate your therapeutic remedy, alchemic process and spiritual journey. Your body acts as a container of your personal reality and an anchor for your spiritual reality. Hence the accent on immanence, which means ‘the presence of the spiritual within the natural world’.


A major factor of your therapy and self-exploration being successful is whether you bring all of you in it. So include your: heart feelings, emotional engagement, creative drive, libidinal impulses, organismic needs, ‘inner child’, gender dynamics, social involvement, abstract imagination, mystical introspection or any of the other aspects that defines who you are. By embracing a philosophy that life is not an ‘either-or’, instead it is a ‘both-and’, you embrace your multi-faceted and complex reality and issues you face as an individual. Doing so you start healing your inner splits, ambivalences and conflicts. In that sense you will live the philosophy that you are both: heavenly and earthly, numinal and animal, an individual and integral with all existence.