What is Integral Core Therapy?

What would you like to do?

Integral Core Therapy is a synthesis of psychotherapeuitic and spiritual therapeutic disciplines that bring about deep psychological healing and self-realisation.

What ICT has to offer is:

  • One-to-one integral psychotherapy sessions
  • Working therapeutically in groups in evening groups, workshops and courses
  • The four-year Integral Core Therapy Practitioner Training Course

There are several reasons to have ICT:
Access the love and awareness of your core self
Find meaning and purpose in your life
Deal with your struggle and strife
Experience deep psychological healing of your pain
Address unresolved childhood wounds
Connect to yourself and others from your heart
Support community and spirituality in the social sphere
Live a more authentic and fullfiling life
Forge an intimate and enduring alliance with your spiritual core

The reason we aim to include your core self in your psychological process is because it is your core that is your source of healing, wisdom and strength. As your therapist I will psychologically hold, activate and support you as you go within to access your core self. Once you enlist its guidance, love, empowerment and strength then you can resolve any childhood wounding. By accessing your inner resources of your core self, you are in good hands. For, it is your integral-spiritual core that is your true healer, minister and guide.


This way of working is a collaboration between you as client and me as facilitator, rather than the interaction between an expert and a patient. The so-called ‘contract’ for individual sessions, groups and workshops is a mutual agreement and aim to:

– Explore your vision and purpose in your life
– Commit to your psychological process of healing
– Trust your personal-spiritual unfoldment
– Be open to listen to and accept your inner child
– Validate your journey whatever it looks like
– Work with sincerity and integrity
– Allow your naturalness to emerge
– Honour your own and others’ boundaries
– Take care of your inner and outer true needs
– Learn to love yourself for who you are
– Surrender to your spiritual nature
– Integrate with your core self

These aims are made possible by a mutual commitment to:

– Work with the principles of Integral Core Therapy
– Agree to its frame and practices.
– Accept its ethos in individual and group boundaries, such as
non-violence, respectfulness, confidentiality and self-responsibility.
– Acknowledge what we all bring to the therapeutic relationship/s,
one-to-one or groups, make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.
– Set clear agreements for attendance and payment.


These are both engendered and relied upon in the sessions to facilitate genuine change:
Direct experience
Good will


ICT helps you cultivate:
integral well-being, personal integrity, embodied identity, emotional intelligence, empathy, grounded presence, psychological awareness, resilience to emotional distress, reconciliation with adversaries, resolution of past events, tolerance of your and others’ flaws, cultivation of self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love.

ICT empowers you to:
accept the human condition for what it is
face life and embrace its lows as well as highs
use your suffering as a catalyst for to grow and mature
develop greater compassion and self-awareness
have a vital inner and outer life
develop a deep intimacy with your spirit
trust in existence
surrender to your heart and its love
appreciate all that makes life sweet and beautiful

ICT also works to support you to develop and participate in creative positive communities, whether at work, home or elsewhere. It helps you maintain a secure and positive involvement in your communities, with your relational, psychological and spiritual integrity. Simply put, the realisation of who you are, frees you to be in open, trusting and loving relationships with others.