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What does IMMANENCE mean?

Immanence means “to naturally be part of something, to exist within it, inherent, intrinsic and integral.” It often refers to the sacred/spiritual/supernal that is ‘manifest and encompassed within the world.’ It is often contrasted with transcendence where the supernal is “outside and beyond the material world.”

What does SUPERNAL mean?

Supernal means “celestial, heavenly, coming from high above, of spirit.” Something that is “exalted, exquisite” (such as our spirit, the integral spiritual aspect of our being).

What does RELATIONAL mean?

Relational means “a connection or significant association between persons or among things; the various connections in which persons are brought together.”

What does INTEGRAL mean?

Integral means what in itself is “whole, complete, intact, entire, united.” It can mean something that “belongs as a constituent part to the whole, which is necessary and essential to the completeness of that whole” (i.e. the integral constituent parts of a whole). It can also mean something “that consists of parts that together constitute and form a whole” (i.e. an ‘integral’ whole that is made up of essential constituent parts).