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CORE REALISATION and RELATIONAL INTEGRAL THERAPY are a unified system, with a holistic understanding of what a human being is. It has two distinct yet inter-dependant applications of one integral vision. The focus, at any given time, can be on the psychotherapeutic or the spiritual yet both are kept to mind and heart.

CORE REALISATION is designed and structured so to access your supernal reality and your core self: the integral and unitive nature that instils you with the perception of your true place in existence. It is offered in workshops and courses. The true potential of Core Realisation is most readily realisable when unconscious psychological conflicts and self-negating patterns are being addressed; rather than avoided as is common in transcendental approaches to spirituality.

RELATIONAL INTEGRAL THERAPY is the therapy born out of Core Realisation. It is structured to work in three specific ways: Energetics, Dynamics and Realisation.

(Three tier spiral diagram)


works directly on the body (soma) and its vital energies. These include our primal, somatic and organismic impulses, needs, feelings and sentience. It is the human animal aspect and all it entails, including our genetic, libidinal, vital, physical and emotional nature. It is this somatic level which needs to embody our more ethereal and transpersonal aspects. Without the inclusion of our corporeal level then spirit cannot be integrated within our identity and become immanent.


works primarily with our personality (ego) and our soul (psyche). This includes psychological and psychotherapeutic paradigms and practices. What makes Core Realisation an integral modality is its insistence on psychological integrity and seeing that as part and parcel of a soul reality. To have an immanent, integrated and functional spiritual life is dependent on our ego, psyche and soma, being in harmony with our transcendent and supernal aspects. If not, a split between ego, soul and spirit is maintained which typically results in a distorted perception and interpretation of spiritual nature.


works primarily with our core self, which encompasses what is often described as soul and spirit. A particular perspective of Realisation is seeing ourselves as part of Supernal and Matrixial states of being. In other words that we exist in multiple states of consciousness as well as in this manifest human form. The emphasis is on integral realisation: that we as a person are an integral part of our Being and that our Being is an integral part of existence.