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Integral Core Therapy (ICT), formerly Core Realisation, works primarily by accessing the part of us that holds all the resources we require to make our life work. That is a life in which we can grow, develop and realise our inner potential as well as heal anything that interrupts that possibility. In other words it addresses the psychological impact and damage certain childhood experiences have left us with. It does so, not only by using standard psychotherapeutic methods but also by enlisting the very source of our potential. I call this our Core Self where we access and discover who we truly and fully are as a Being.How_triune vescica spiral_255px

Our being is both integral to itself and an integral part of all that is. In other words it is both complete in itself and yet a fundamental part of the whole. Hence it possesses all potential essential, vital and spiritual qualities that exist. When our personality is deficient in these inherent qualities, we suffer as we lack sufficient resources to deal with what life throws at us. Not knowing where to find them or apply them leaves us ill-equipped to deal with the demands of both our inner and outer life. Hence if we require a certain psychological faculty, insight or capacity, it is most effectively accessed from our integral self.

Once accessed that quality or capacity can gradually be integrated within us and become part of our personality. It is the same process that acts as an impetus for our spiritual development. So in the attempt to heal our wounds and address life’s challenges, we also grow as souls/individuals. This virtuous cycle is part and parcel of the integrality of existence.


This modality is the outcome of the fusion of interrelated modes of psychological therapy and personal-spiritual growth. Three main strands make up the foundation and framework of this modality: spirituality, alchemy and therapy. It is rooted in a practice known as Spiritual Unity, which I studied 1977-1997, Classical Chinese psychology and ‘Internal Alchemy’ which I have been studying since 1982 and various Humanistic – Somatic, Relational and Transpersonal – Psychology modalities I have studied since 1990.


Integral Core Therapy is designed to work on all levels and aspects of who you are. Hence the inclusion of Oriental model of the psychological differentiation of the Five Elements as it leaves nothing out of what is a human being. Basically these are your essence (matrix), organism (soma), person (ego), soul (psyche) and spirit (self), together making up who you are. The understanding is that when you access the parts you are less connected you can integrate them in your personality.

This is an ongoing process of becoming aware of your different components, that make you a human being, how they affect and what they offer you. Hence why there is such a multiplicity of modalities and tools used in Integral Core Therapy. Underpinning this particular therapeutic and developmental endeavour is an understanding that fundamentally it is the core/true self that is the catalyst for your psychological healing, personal growth and spiritual realisation.


One aspect of Integral Core Therapy is a fusion of certain methods/practices which facilitate a deeper connection with our natural original self. These can assist you to reclaim the inherent authentic state you possessed before the impact of your life experiences and conditioning. They include visualisation, reflection, enquiry, breathwork, movement, dance and a number of transpersonal techniques. It is specifically adapted for the modern age with all its turmoil, fragmentation, isolation and materialism. The overall intention is to touch into the core of your being as envisaged by classical understandings and further extrapolated by this modality.

Integral Core Therapy is concerned with all facets of aspects of the human condition: physical, psychological, social and transpersonal . It is an experiential journey that facilitates a progressive integration and embodiment of our original authentic nature. This is akin to an alchemical process, that of actualising our spiritual, essential and integral reality within your personal identity. It is the resulting availability and manifestation of your human potential that leads to a more fulfilling life.

Sinking into your heart/core we become more familiar with your integral spiritual nature and connect to your innate guidance and wisdom. Your inherent potential for joy, awareness and creativity is gradually realised as life becomes purposeful and meaningful.

Integral Core Therapy, has a practical, robust and effective frame of tried-and-tested relational psychotherapeutic and body-centered psychosomatic practices. These are structured in a synergistic manner to potentiate their benefits. For a deeper and more detailed exposition of these principles, practices and application please refer to ICT – a brief description.


Human beings typically are in a relative state of stress. We are all looking for a good time and an easy life but often forget about our real needs. We are not even aware that our underlying problems in life are due to, as well as the natural challenges of our soul’s evolution, a neglect of cultivating ourselves. We want to feel ‘right’ and for things to ‘make sense’, yet most of the time we don’t even clock what we are yearning for is our true Core Self. ICT purports that it is by specifically addressing this omission, as well as the unresolved pain from our childhood, that we have a chance to find a certain peace, inner contentment and relaxation. This could be called a ‘return to our self’.