‘Being with’ your integral self

It is only really possible to receive comfort and healing in life from others or spirit if you have worked through the egoic personality’s unconscious reactivity to events and challenges. You need to get through the rage, panic, hate and other existential emotional responses to be able to feel the love there is both within and without you. Hence why in Integral Core Therapy there’s a progressive integration to working with the physical-vital, the emotional-psychological and integral-spiritual levels, with each building on the others.

‘Being with’ your integral self, your spirit in effect, is the essence of the work I do on myself and with others. This ‘being with’, ‘standing with’, ‘living with’ is what’s at the core of it all, what truly makes a difference to life, well-being and meaning. It’s what brings to all of us what we truly need and long for. Nothing else can offer to you what your authentic core reality does.