Spiritual Therapeutics – therapeutic spirituality to nourish, heal and supportĀ 

Come discover the inner resources and support systems that are available to you, both as an individual and also as a professional with the responsibility of helping other people. This event will be of particular interest to those who are caregivers, teachers and therapists of individuals and groups. Come and benefit from the tools and ideas shared aboutĀ internal development and how to provide support to anyone who will benefit from safe integral therapeutic spirituality. This development group will help you:

  • Feel less isolated in your role as a caregiver
  • Relax and openly engage with other like-minded individuals
  • Receive support to grow in confidence and self-worth
  • Discover yourself through an integrated approach to your own development
  • Learn sequences to release, relax, invigorate and ground yourself
  • Develop your experience of
  • Receive the support you need to stay fully aligned and on track