‘RESOURCE and SUPPORT’ ongoing group


Join an ongoing group of personal development, spiritual practice, and professional support. This group will hold and nourish you, as well as inform and guide you.

Partaking in a friendly, holding and interactive group will provide a safe environment for you to grow. It will resource you with practical spiritual and psychological tools to manage your life better. It is an opportunity to become an integral part of an ongoing, consistent, heart-centered community.

Becoming part of an ongoing, consistent, heart-centered, spiritual community is of enormous value at a time when the world is getting increasingly unpredictable. It will act  as a ground of stability, constancy and community. You will derive and provide mutual validation, inspiration, support and reassurance. In effect, this group can become your personal, professional and spiritual resource.

Replenish your heart and vitality you use up in daily life.
Acknowledge and value who you are as well as what you do.
Support you to deal fluidly and robustly with personal and professional issues.
Give you the space and time to attune to your spirit and access your core resources.
Hold and stand by you so you feel less isolated.
Teach you to be even more focussed, present and engaged.
Resource you to be there for others when they are overwhelmed.
Be more open, relaxed, available and engaged with others.

The evening meetings will be in two halves: the first focussed on self-resourcing, the second on group facilitation and support. The sessions will have a flexible schedule to accommodate and meet your and the groups needs as they arise. Each meeting will unfold fluidly in contents, timing and sequence.

A basic loose framework we will work with is:
Vital Energetics: releasing, relaxing, invigorating and grounding sequences, including breathwork and voicework: 30-40 mins.
Relational Dynamics: group sharing, process and enquiry; plus individual mentoring and facilitation: 40-60 mins.
Core Resources: internal alchemy and spiritual practices: 30-40 mins.

A course starting March 2017 of 8 fortnightly Wednesday evening meetings, 7pm – 9pm.

To derive the benefits of being part of an ongoing mutual support group, regular attendance is required. The course will evolve over time depending on the participants’ needs. It will have a responsive ‘person-centered’ style of facilitation. So as well as the Spiritual Therapeutics practices offered, you’ll have the scope to contribute your own input.

Note:The maximum number of participants is twelve.

COST £20 per evening or £120 paid upfront.
You are invited to come to an initial trial session for £10.

CONTACT Contact me on amadis@inspiritway.com or 07491 665 506.
Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to attend this group so I can put you on the list and confirm the start date.