“Mysticism is the pursuit of communion and identity with, or conscious awareness of an ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth or God through direct experience.” (Wikipedia)

The traditional emphasis of mystics is on direct perception and realisation of our spiritual potential; synonymous with the attainment of self-realisation. This focus upon direct participation and perception is found in modern humanistic as well as traditional immanent disciplines. When veterans of the inner journey using viable transformational systems, our spiritual development and capacity for mystical experience can be deeply supported and nurtured.

Integral Core Therapy fosters a deeper communion with our Integral Being, a clearer perception of universal reality and an increased access to our core self. As an integral approach it works as much as a science as an art, with our body, soul and personality.

Historically mystics have tended to recognise useful pragmatic mystical traditions. Being open to a variety of techniques and ideas that can work well together expedites the process of inner growth. Approaches that blend well with each other can be combined to create a practical, psychological and spiritual method of self-realisation. Hence a wide spectrum of personal, transpersonal, mystical and humanistic principles and practices are used and blended together in Integral Core Therapy.

Lao Tzu, the renowned Daoist mystic and author, claimed that his way was an integral way. Hence ICT incorporates classical Chinese, ‘internal alchemy’, practices and principles such as Qigong. For me, any truly effective and real approach is indeed integral in nature – inclusive, eclectic and holistic. I am simply aiming to develop something in that spirit and follow in that tradition.